Dasha Running

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Dasha Running
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What is Dasha Running?

Dasha Running

Welcome to Dasha Running, one of the best new endless runner games 3D inspired by the likes of Subway Surfers, where you have a young boy with orange hair running through his town, with your help, as countless obstacles stand before him, and if he hits them, the fun is done with, so you have to prevent that from happening!

Go Running with Dasha from Boule de Boule!

As the boy runs forward automatically, press up to jump over obstacles, down to slide underneath them, and press left and right to duck in any of the two directions. Avoid cars, dogs, people, cats, construction sites, metal fences, and any other kinds of obstacles that you will find along the way.

The more you advance, the bigger your score gets, but you should also try grabbing as many coins from the course as possible, to make your performance even better. Now that you've understood, let the fun start, and stick around, inviting your friends to play our great content of the day too!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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