Food Tycoon FRVR

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What is Food Tycoon FRVR?

Food Tycoon FRVR

The FRVR Games series now invites you to become a Food Tycoon, at least a virtual one, with a new and awesome time and business management where you try to go into the food industry, quite a lucrative one, many might say, well, all would, actually, since people have always needed to eat food, animals too, so there will always be in demand for your product, let's see if you can sell it over and over!

Let's become a Food Tycoon with FRVR Games!

You can't be a boss from the start, so begin by being a server at a cafe shop. Tap on the coffee beans, then on the espresso machine button to make the drink, and finish the order by tapping it, getting coins in return (money). The number of beans on a cup shown by your client shows how many times you click it.

If they want some kind of other things put in their coffee, such as milk, cream, syrups, or they want something special, make sure you prepare it for them, and this applies to all kinds of food you will make along the journey of this game, where you should always do what the customers want, get their money, and expand your business.

We wish you all the best towards this, you need it, and we hope that you stick around for more fun to come!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.