Bubble Woods

Bubble Woods

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Bubble Woods
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Bubble Woods Overview


Bubble Woods is here to make a resurgence for the bubble shooter games category of our website, which we have always thought to be one of the best pages here, where new games should be added, but only when they are of the highest quality since the format is a bit oversaturated already. Well, today is that day, as this game fits all those criteria and we hope you all give it a chance right now!

Let's shoot the bubbles in the woods!

Maneuver the squirrel's cannon using the mouse, aiming and shooting bubbles at those at the top of it, hitting or creating groups of at least three identical bubbles, meaning that they have the same color, because when you achieve that, you gain points in return, and you avoid losing.

When can you lose? Well, when you leave the bubbles move down too much and they hit the bottom of the screen, that is when you can lose, so focus not to let that happen. Swap bubbles with the spacebar.

You are playing against time, but hitting lots of bubbles in one go and making chains of hits will provide you with more time so that you can gain an even bigger score.

That is the premise, so now that you know it, you should be ready to start the fun, and we hope to see you around for more games of the day, we've always got tons of surprises, one better than the other!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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