Time Shooter

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What is Time Shooter?

Time Shooter

The original Time Shooter game is now online and ready to go for anyone who wants to play it, as this is a game that originated from the world of VR Games, but it was easily adapted to fit being played on computers too, something that we now give you the chance to do, as we know that not anyone has a VR set at home. It's got quite the fresh premise and gameplay too, so get yourself ready for a whole new kind of shooting fun!

Be the most skilled Time Shooter online for free!

Only when you are moving does time move normally, because when you stand still, it also stands still. Use this trick to aim and shoot bullets at the red stickmen in each level, while making sure to avoid the ones that they send towards you instead.

Know that if you get hit, you lose, but if you shoot them all down, the level is cleared. Still, remember that the next one has more enemies and will be harder to finish, so always strive to do better! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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