Word Holiday

Word Holiday

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Word Holiday
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Word Holiday Overview


Word Holiday is here to revigorate the always trendy format of puzzle games with words, of which we would like to have as many as possible, and we're sure that the same is true for all those of you here, as we see just how many hits they always get, and the same is sure to happen right now, even more so as the game takes you on a virtual journey all across the world, so you can visit its most popular cities!

Let's go on the best Word Holiday ever!

In each level, you are given the background of a different city, and there are 20 levels in total, si 20 major cities throughout the globe will be seen in this game.

Use the mouse to draw lines between the letters given in the circle, having to do so to complete the crossword puzzles and fill up all the brackets with correct words.

You get score and bonus points at the end of each stage, and the fewer moves you needed to do to complete the words, the bigger your rewards will be as well. Good luck, focus, and have fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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