Snipedown 2

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What is Snipedown 2?

Snipedown 2

Snipedown 2 has just been released over to our website after we've seen just how much you enjoyed the original one, added here not too long ago, so if you liked that experience that much, the sequel is also going to be a guaranteed amazing time, as everything from the gameplay to the visuals have been upgraded to provide you with an even better time playing the game!

Play Snipedown 2 online unblocked for free!

First, get to know your controls: the Arrows to move your spaceship, space to switch weapons, R to reload sniper, and the number keys from 1 to 5 to switch ammo type. Use the mouse for aiming and shooting with the sniper rifle.

Aim and shoot at the enemies moving through the battlefield, whom you have to shoot without letting them get to the other side because if that happens, you are going to lose and will be forced to start all over again from scratch.

Use the experience points you earn for all sorts of upgrades in your weapons or spaceship, and we're sure that you will do a better job and have even more fun. Good luck to all, and we hope to be seeing more of you here, all the time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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