Cricket Legends

Cricket Legends

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Cricket Legends
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Cricket Legends Overview


If some kids visiting our website dream about becoming Cricket Legends, the best way they can start working towards their dream is by playing this fun new sport game in this genre on our website right at this moment, an experience they are bound to adore from start to finish, since we know that this is quite a popular category, despite the fact that it is quite niche!

Let's become Cricket Legends online!

You can choose to play in a Quick Match, for a fast one-and-done, or you can enter the tournament, where you try beating one team after another until you hopefully reach the finals and win the cup.

You will play the role of the batter, and to win each match you need to score more points than the other team has already done, as you go after them.

As their pitcher shoots the ball, you will have to swipe with the mouse or finger at the right time to hit the ball with the bat, and the further you send it away, the more points you get, simple as that!

Now that you've understood the gameplay's rules, you should be ready to start giving this game your best right now, and enjoying it to the fullest as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Gameloft SE

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