Patty Panic

Patty Panic

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Patty Panic
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Patty Panic Overview


Patty Panic is an old-school game belonging to the Spongebob Games category of our website, always a classic one, so of course, we really wanted to share it with you all right now and here, as we can tell you from our own awesome time with it just how much fun it can be, so you should not be missing out on it for anything in the world!

Help Spongebob get over his Patty Panic!

The character was dreaming about making the biggest patties in Bikini Bottom, but his dream is now a nightmare because Plankton is trying to take over. Help him survive them by walking over the ingredients.

Use the arrows to move, space to attack by shooting sauces, and make sure that along the way you grab power-ups such as the spatula or mustard.

As you move over the ingredients and drop them into the plates, you need to do that for all until the burgers are done, while taking care of the minions, because if they hit you, you will lose.

Losing three lives means losing the game, but the more patties you get to make, the bigger your score becomes, so each time aim for a bigger one than before!

We're sure you've never cooked burgers in this way ever before, so start off right now, only here, and stick around for way more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.



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