Chibi Navi Avatar

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Chibi Navi Avatar
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What is Chibi Navi Avatar?

Chibi Navi Avatar

We saw how much you enjoy the Avatar Navi Maker Game previously added here on our website, so we wanted to continue with that theme right now and here, especially since Avatar: The Way of the Water is the biggest box-office hit of the moment, so playing games based around it is a must!

Create your own Chibi Navi Avatar!

The main difference of this game from the other one is that you will create a child Na'vi character, Chibi meaning small and cute, a style originating from Japanese media. To create such a character, here are the options you can modify to make it real:

  • Body
  • Clothing
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Tail
  • Accessories
  • Markings

Hit the finish button when you're done! Mix and match the items given in each of the menus, doing so to create the avatar of your dreams, which is a kid just like yourself, and we're sure that if you were to be in the movies, you would be the main character, no doubt!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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