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What are Avatar Movie Games?

Avatar Movie Games is a much-needed category for us to have created over to our website, especially now that the Avatar movie franchise seems to have picked up the pace, a decade later after the release of the first movie in the series, which is credited with popularizing watching 3D films at the cinema, and it took the world of special effects to whole new heights, as no one did anything like that before, thanks to the visionary director James Cameron, who is also known for other epics such as Titanic, or the Terminator series which he originated.

The 2022 movie seems to have impressed audiences even more, becoming the highest-grossing film of that year soon after its release, beating out all the other movies through the year, even if it premiered at the end of December, so it is quite a feat. The first Avatar film was also the biggest box-office hit for many years, until the release of Avengers a few years later.

Now, many of you have been confusing this series with yet another juggernaut in the world of storytelling, but know that these are not Avatar: The Last Airbender Games, which you can also play here.

Avatar (2009) - the film that changed everything!

In the future, humans started to colonize the planet known as Pandora, which is a moon to be precise, all in order to mine the mineral known as unobtanium. Of course, humans are getting in the way of the inhabitants of the planet, known as Na'vi, who tend to the planet, the mineral, and want to make sure that stability is being kept.

Jake Sully is a marine officer who cannot walk, but he is given that power thanks to the Avatar, which is a bio-engineered body meant to replicate the Na'vi, and through his days living with them, he falls in love with Neytiri, with whom he eventually gets together, standing against the humans wanting to destroy for their own gain.

Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) - a deeper dive into the world of Pandora!

Five years later, Jake Sully is now the leader of the tribe he was adopted into, having children with his indigenous wife. The humans return with the RDA, which has now put the brains of deceased soldiers into Avatars and want to use them to conquer the planet, as the Earth is dying.

Jake, his family, and his new civilization have to stand up against the oppressors who have come back for revenge, and through this new adventure, he visits the underwater world of the Metkayina clan, who live in the oceans. A new battle for survival ensues, with the clans having to come together to protect their home!

Avatar 3 and beyond!

The third film in the series was filmed back-to-back with Avatar 2, and it is expected to be released in December 2024, and that's not all, as James Cameron plans to make two more sequels, one for 2026, and one for 2028. We are excited to jump back into this immense world which is only ever-expanding, and we're sure that you are also eager to come back.

Until the sequels, play some Avatar movie games online for free and unblocked!

Not only can you paint images from the latest movie according to your own imagination, but you can also create your own Na'vi Avatar, both an adult and a child, and if you're feeling like it, you can use makeup to transform a normal girl into an alien from Pandora. Awesome, right? Of course, this is just the start to this page, which is about to increase even more so in the following years, and since we've set the table for it, you can expect to find them first here, as with any and all other categories, for that matter!