Club Penguin: Bean Counters

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What is Club Penguin: Bean Counters?

Club Penguin: Bean Counters

Club Penguin: Bean Counters is a really awesome skill game online added to this category right now, where we've already had a ton of fun ourselves, so why would the very same not be true for you all right now, if you wish to give it a chance?

Be the most skilled Bean Counters in Club Penguin!

Use the mouse to move your penguin left and right, moving in such a way that you catch the bean bags thrown at you from the right side of the screen, and then go to the platform on the left, and click again to drop them there, and this way make a stack that is as big as possible, to get a big score in return.

If you carry too many bags at one time, and you go overboard, you lose, and you also lose if you miss catching too many bags, as the number of lives you've got is limited. Unload the whole truck to win the level.

Each new truck gets faster and more difficult to handle, bigger too, but with enough focus, we're sure you will be able to give your best and have tons of fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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