Funny Balls 2048

Funny Balls 2048

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Funny Balls 2048
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Funny Balls 2048 Overview


Funny Balls 2048 is a game that masterfully combines bubble games, matching games, and 2048 games all into one, resulting in a gaming experience unlike you've had here before, so you can clearly see why we made sure to share the game with you all right now!

Match the Funny Balls all the way to 2048!

As the balls with numbers on them move towards the hole, you need to swipe and merge together balls with the same number, such as two 8s, in order to make one 16. By doing so, you merge them, and make the row smaller, doing so to prevent them from entering the hole, at which point you will have lost.

If you can match the biggest numbers at the top, they will break all the other balls in the line and you win in one go, but the requirements and the number you need to reach to achieve that increases level after level, so you need to get better and faster at merging the balls together.

Now that you've understood just how simple it is, let the fun begin right now, and don't stop here, since the day offers you plenty more amazing new content we want to see you try out!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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