Kogama: 4 Players Badge

Kogama: 4 Players Badge

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Kogama: 4 Players Badge
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Kogama: 4 Players Badge Overview


Kogama: 4 Players Badge is one of the coolest new multiplayer racing games 3D on our website to have been added lately here, where each and every one of us has had a really awesome time from start to finish, so we hope you are positive that you are going to have the very same amazing time!

Kogama: 4 Players Badge is here, let's have fun racing in it!

Use WASD to move, E to interact, and after entering the course, grab guns and shoot them with the mouse. Instead of shooting bullets, you shoot with blocks with which you can create paths on which you can walk, as you need to use them to get from one platform to another, which you can also do by jumping, doing so by pressing the spacebar.

The goal is to get ahead of the other three players by the end of the course and reach the flag after you choose which of the four teams you want to take part in. Collect gems along the way and use them to buy new skins for your character, or various awesome upgrades from the shop.

Now that you surely understood the premise and how to enjoy this game, start doing it right away, after which we hope to see you around for way more fun to come as only here is possible to have it!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, nouse, and E key.



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