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Hedgies Overview


Are you ready to become Hedgies? We hope you are, and we are not talking about hedge fund managers here, but about a hedgehog that has his own farm, one where you are invited to help him grow, expand, and live a flourishing life, something that only with your help it will be able to do, so let us help you play the game first right now!

Become one of the hardest-working Hedgies online!

As a hedgie, you can become anything you want, such as a fisherman, or cook, you can craft items, and, of course, grow your own farm for sustenance, but also sell the fruits of your labor.

With the fruit and vegetables you grow at your farm, you can exchange them for money to buy new plots of land, where you can grow new things, and, as you do it, get even more money from that expansion, obviously.

To interact with your surroundings simply use the mouse, and go wherever you want to go. Through the game, you will meet neighbors, and we recommend that you make friends with them, not enemies.

You can also attend festivals, or take part in a battle of tailors, where the most creative one out of you all will be the winner. Go on trips, get new achievements, and don't forget to open your mail or your gifts.

Good luck, enjoy, and we hope you aren't stopping here, since we are always bringing you the best new content on the internet!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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