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What is My Farm?

My Farm

My Farm is one of the most comprehensive farming games online, a game that you can also now try out on mobile devices if you wish, and which we guarantee that you are going to love from start to finish if this genre is for you, which is the main reason why we made sure to share it with you in the first place!

Build My Farm as big and productive as possible!

Do things such as harvesting the crops, preparing the soil, and then planting new crops in them, and as you earn money from the ones you've already harvested, try to buy a product that is more expensive so that with the next set of crops that you harvest, you get to earn even more.

In addition to the fruits and vegetables that you put in the soil, thanks to the fact that you have a lot of acres available, you also get the chance of raising all sorts of animals, such as chickens, cows, pigs, and the like.

Make friends in order to trade with them, which is always very important, and try to see if you can join the farmer's guild, where you can reap a lot of benefits if you also put in the work.

Surely you've understood everything, so let's begin right now, only here, and maybe share this game with friends as well, they won't regret trying it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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