Kogama: Rob the Bank

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What is Kogama: Rob the Bank?

Kogama: Rob the Bank

Heist games are probably not what you expected to find and play today in our Kogama Games category, but here we are, coming up with surprises at any step of the way, just like we do right now with this amazing game called Rob the Bank, where that is not just the title, but also your goal, something we are sure that you will achieve, even more so after we explain how right now!

Rob the Bank in Kogama Games right now!

Start off by choosing if you want to take part in the police team, which is meant to catch the criminals that are robbing the bank, or the criminal team, which is doing the robbery.

In either case, use WASD to move, space to jump, the mouse to shoot but also look around, Q to holster the weapon, E to interact, and K to respawn.

Go into the bank and get all the valuables you can, and then do your escape if you're robbing, or go into the bank and shoot down the robbers before they can escape if you're a policeman.

Surely you've understood the simple and also really fun premise of this game, which is why we recommend you start it right now and then check out even more of our great content!



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How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, space, Q, E, and K.