Unicycle Hero

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Unicycle Hero
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What is Unicycle Hero?

Unicycle Hero

Become a Unicycle Hero online right now with what is one of the best new sports games online on our website, where you get to compete in an Olypmics-like competition where you will be at the help of a unicycle, performing all sorts of neat stuff, which is not easy on such a vehicle, since it only has one wheel, as the title suggests!

Become the world's greatest Unicycle Hero online!

There are nine competitions you can take part in, but before you try for gold first, you can always enter the practice mode to learn how they work, such as the one where you have to aim and throw a spear as far as possible. Learn the gameplay for each mini-game, and then try to do great, and you can get bronze, silver, and gold medals.

Use the medals to buy new threads, meaning new skins for your character, and in the Enchance menu, you can make your hero better by upgrading his strength, speed, and agility. Use the arrows for moving and the spacebar for throwing.

Now that you've surely understood everything with ease, start the fun right away, and make sure to invite your friends along for the ride, they would not want to miss out!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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