Embroidering Simulator

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Embroidering Simulator
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What is Embroidering Simulator?

Embroidering Simulator

Embroidering Simulator is a new paint by letters game online we are now delighted to share with you all, where through coloring and painting you get the chance to bring to life some really cool embroideries, of shapes such as the heart at the beginning of the game, but even animals, food, toys, and many more!

Try our Embroidering Simulator online right now!

Each letter has a color that is corresponding to it, and with the mouse, you are going to click on the correct letter to grab the color, and then click again on the embroidery where it is, filling up each letter with the correct shade, and so until the whole craft has been completed.

The models get trickier, and more colors get added for you to place but rest assured that the game is still laidback, and you can take your time to create the models as much as you need to. Start off right now, and stick around, since you can never know what awesome surprises we've got in store for you all on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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