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DRILLBIT is going to be one of the first ever games online that you play that mixes up together both word games and drilling games, which already stand on their own as some of the most popular games on our website, so when they both are part of the same experience it can only mean an even better time for everyone!

Play DRILLBIT online to drill and learn words!

Your goal in this game is to drill in the ground and mine for letters that together can form a correct word from the English language. You will be given hints in the form of the word being a noun, maybe a verb, or an adjective, what kind of category it belongs in, such as animals, and you have to use these clues to get your letters.

Just like in hangman games, you only have six tries, and if you fail all of them, you lose. There is a daily mode you can play in, which means you should come back as often as possible to catch what the new word of the day is, or you can play the free play experience which has limitless words.

Use WASD/ARROWS to move up and down, space to jump, and shift to drill. Now that we've got all our bases covered, let's look for words in the deep, and see for yourself just how much fun you can have!

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