Blocky Cars Online

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What is Blocky Cars Online?

Blocky Cars Online

Blocky Cars Online represents one of the best fan-made Minecraft Games online with tons of action, shooting, and driving, with each mode being a unique experience by itself, which is why we could not resist sharing the game with everyone here, since our fanbase has long been trying out the content of this page all the time, and this one is surely not going to be an exception!

Ride and shoot with the Blocky Cars Online!

There are two ways you can do battle, in the car modes, where you drive with your blocky car and have to shoot down the other ones on the maps, controlled by the computer, or follow the same logic in the hero modes, where you do it with your avatar in an FPS where you have to shoot down all the Steves around.

Use WASD for moving and driving, space to jump, and use the mouse for aiming and shooting with the guns or rockets. As you win battles, use the coins in the garage to upgrade the cars and make them stronger, better, and faster, and also upgrade your hero with new skins and weapons.

There are lots of challenges and tasks that you need to accomplish to earn coins in return, but if you come back to play daily, there will be rewards for each day, something we truly recommend. There's always a new exciting battle right around the corner, and we wish you the best in all of them, as per usual!


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How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.