Blocky Roads Online

Blocky Roads Online

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Blocky Roads Online
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Blocky Roads Online Overview


Blocky Roads Online is one of the finest combinations between Minecraft Games online and driving games, where we are clearly positive that you will be having tons of fun from start to finish since both categories are already pretty popular on their own, so combined they are only going to create an even better experience!

Let's drive on the Blocky Roads and have fun!

You will have a total of 20 levels to go through, with the main goal towards completing them being to reach the end of each course without running out of gas, getting stuck, or falling into traps. Tap and hold to accelerate with the car. Each new level has more obstacles and a more complicated route, but you have to focus.

Collect coins along the way, since you can then use them to buy more gas, speed, time, or jump upgrades, all of them helping your car go better. Now that you know how to navigate this world, we are sure that you will have tons of fun, so start your pixel drive right now, and stick around all day long, it will be a great day for you gamers!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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