Special Ice Creams

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What is Special Ice Creams?

Special Ice Creams

Special Ice Creams is our newest contribution to the Agent Binky Games category, where we have not added new content in quite a while, so it makes us very glad to do it right now, especially with a match 3 game unlike you have played in this category before, making it feel fresh and bring new life into it!

Match the Special Ice Creams with Agent Binky!

As people come over to your ice cream truck, match the ice creams that they ask for in their bubbles, using the mouse to swap ice cream and put three of the same kind in a horizontal or vertical row, and then the order is fulfilled, and the progress bar filled up.

Complete the bar to win the game, but make sure not to miss orders, because if you let three people get over to your truck without having had their ice cream, you lose your three lives, and the game too. You can hit the rewind button if you think your past move was a mistake.

Got it? You've never played games with this combination before, even more so in such a wonderful category, so make sure you start it right now, and maybe share it with your friends as well!

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