Minicraft: Hidden Treasures

07.03.2023 968 5 votes

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What is Minicraft: Hidden Treasures?

Minicraft: Hidden Treasures

Minicraft: Hidden Treasures is a new addition to one of our most popular categories here, hence why we could not have missed the chance of sharing it with you, so right at this moment you should not miss the chance of playing it for anything in the world, since you can never go wrong with this blocky and pixelated world!

Find the Hidden Treasures of Minicraft online!

Help Noob dig into the underground cave or mine, if you will, to find the treasures that are hidden all through it, using the pickaxe to smash ground in your path and advance forward, and you will also be equipped with food, TNT, ladders, or candles for light.

The more you dig, the more rewarding the treasure you find is also going to be, so keep going deeper into the underground to have the best time possible out of this amazing new game. Move using the WASD keys, and use the mouse to use the tools in your inventory.

Don't stop here either, since we always have more planned for you, and the day has just started!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and mouse.



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