Suga Rush

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Suga Rush
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What is Suga Rush?

Suga Rush

Suga Rush is one of the first SupaPhresh Games online from Nickelodeon that we are now happy to present to you all on our website, even if the dawn of this series has been quite a few years ago, as we don't believe you need to have watched it to enjoy this game, as it is quite cool already, and we will also tell you more about it right now, worry not!

Go on a Suga Rush online right now!

Start off by choosing which of the three protagonists you want to become:

  • Squidula
  • Tex
  • Pug Tank

As there are three characters, there will also be three levels:

  1. Aisle Mile
  2. Cold Cut & Run
  3. Insane Cane

Jump up and down using the corresponding arrow keys as you storm automatically forward through the tracks so that you collect as much sugar as possible to keep the candy cane full because if it runs out, you lose. Watch out for enemies and traps along the way, bumping into them causes you to lose.

Got it, right? Well, now you should be ready to start sugar-rushing and having fun as only here is possible, so we hope to see you do it right away!

How to play?

Use the up and down arrows.

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