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Noob vs Mobs

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Noob vs Mobs
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Noob vs Mobs Overview


Noob vs Mobs is a tower defense game online set in the blocky world, a game with an arrow shooting angle, or gun shooting, that we're sure many of you will appreciate, where this game will challenge you to survive one onslaught of mobs after another, who are attacking the home base of the Noob, and he is relying on you to protect him and his home, something we've done already, and we will now teach you how to do it too!

Help Noob vs Mobs!

Gold and stones, or rubies, are going to be your currency, and you use it in-shop, where you can buy weapons such as the first one, the bow and arrows, or you can buy defensive turrets and towers like the spikes, which can block attackers in their path. For weapons like the arrows or the guns, aim and shoot them with the mouse yourselves, or with the touch controls if you're a mobile player.

After clearing out the first few zombies, pigs, skeletons, hackers, and other foes, use the gold you earn in the shop to upgrade the defenses of the tower, adding new weapons and defenses all the time, because each new wave is going to be bigger and stronger than the last.

Other things you can do are:

  • improve damage with Z
  • improve fire rate with X
  • slow down time with Q
  • speed up time with E

We hope that when a boss battle comes your way, you will have prepared the tower and put up good weapons and soldiers in front of you, to be able to defeat them all and survive to the next stage! Good luck, and great strategies we hope for you, and we truly hope to see you around for more new daily games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse, Q, Z, E, X keys.

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