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What are Reaction Time Games?

The world of skill games and ability games is a large one, with there being so many types you can play them that sometimes you even need fresh categories that are aimed at one specific genre, just like we have done right now with the Reaction Time Games category, focused on games that test your focus, timing, and your rhythm, and trust us when we say that they always do it in a very fun way, so there is no talk about boredom here or any other place on our website!

How do you play reaction time games online?

Well, in most of them you use either a set of keys, such as the arrow keys, or the mouse, with you having to press the keys or click the mouse at the correct times to accomplish your goal. Sometimes there are visual cues that show you when to react, but sometimes they are audio, or sometimes you are shown targets and the like.

If you react at the correct time, you get closer to your goal, and sometimes you have to react appropriately until you fill some kind of bar until you get a number of points, but sometimes the game can go on endlessly.

What are the best examples of Reaction Time Games here?

Well, we’ve got a bit of everything in this category, where you will see lots of reaction time games with music, primarily the Friday Night Funkin Games we bring you here day after day. In them, you have to press arrow keys at the right time in order to play notes of songs according to their charts and defeat your opponents in a funk-off. In a similar manner, you’ve got reaction time games with dancing, where you do mostly the same, but the aim is to make the dance moves on the beat.

If you’re looking for something more action-oriented, then there are also reaction time games with shooting, where you are a shooter that has to take down various targets, and your gun moves up and down, so you have to find the perfect angle and spot to shoot your target down, which is when you click to make the shot.

Games such as Geometry Dash or the Slope game are great examples of this genre. In the first game, you have to find the right time of switching gravity for your geometrical shape, so that you avoid all the obstacles on the road, and advance as forward as possible, while in the second game you have to move your ball right and left to avoid the pits in the courses or any kinds of traps and obstacles that might appear.

If you think you have great focus, or maybe you think that your skills need improving, either way, playing our online games with reaction time will provide you with a really fun time from start to finish, and if you visit the related categories of this one, you will keep on having fun for as long as you want to!