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Endacopia Overview


One of the best new escape games online from our website has just been added for you all, one called Endacopia, which is a dynamic experience we would gladly recommend to everyone, knowing very well just how much fun we've had with it ourselves, and we now invite you to attempt the same escape right now, something which we will explain in detail!

Can you escape from Endacopia online?

Play the role of guardian angel for Mellow, the little boy that is now lost in this world, which only you can help him get out of, through a series of point-and-click adventures you will go on.

Use the mouse to interact with the boy and his surroundings, such as computers, lights, calendars, clocks, desks, walls, and many more items in each location.

Find out how the items work and how they interact with one another, and see what happens as you move about, going from one room to another, to finally escape, but also have plenty of fun along the way. Good luck, enjoy!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: AndyLand

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