Dino Meat Hunt Dry Land

Dino Meat Hunt Dry Land

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Dino Meat Hunt Dry Land
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Dino Meat Hunt Dry Land Overview


Dino Meat Hunt Dry Land is going to be one of the best new 2-player games online with dinosaurs, a platform-adventure game online, as you would expect, with this format has been increasingly popular lately, and how could it not, when we are bringing you such amazing new concepts into it like we are doing right at this moment!

Start the Dino Meat Hunt on Dry Land online!

Use the WASD keys and the ARROWS to control the two dinosaurs, having to reach the portals at the end of each level, while collecting all the meat, or as much of it as possible, from the courses. There are also gold pieces that you find which you should collect, but be wary of obstacles and traps, which you must avoid at any cost.

If even one of the two dinosaurs dies, both the players will lose and have to start again from scratch. One uses L to hit, while the other uses G, which you do when you find other dinosaurs on the courses, who represent your enemies, and whom you should get rid of first.

This game is all about cooperation, so make sure that you do that, and that you are able to give this game your very best. Enjoy!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

P1: WASD, L.


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