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Dino Shooter Pro

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Dino Shooter Pro
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Dino Shooter Pro Overview


Dino Shooter Pro is a hypercasual fps shooting game in 3D that is mobile friendly, so you can play it on computers, phones, and tablets alike, and, even better, it manages to combine itself with formats like hunting games, it has ancient dinosaurs, an ever-growing list of enemies, challenging levels, and incredible fun to have, all about which we will tell you more right now!

Become a Dino Shooter Pro online!

You will see dinosaur trainers and their dinosaurs attacking you, and with the mouse or touch control you aim and shoot guns at them, having to defeat them and bring them down before they can come and hit, shoot, or bite you, because if you run out of HP, you lose.

Instead, shoot them down, and then advance through the territory to the next targets, until you reach the final bosses, whether they are humans or dinosaurs, or a combination.

The enemies get bigger in numbers, size, and strength, so with the cash you earn from defeating them, hold it on the power-up button to buy and upgrade your weapons, and get more ammo to use. You can also unlock special powers like the meteorite.

Between levels you can open two mystery chests for special rewards, and you can use the cash you earn in the shop to buy new gear, and in the tasks menu, you can see what kinds of challenges you should try completing.

Good luck and the best we wish you, inviting you to stick around with us all day long since we have so many more amazing games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hold the 'gear' button to use the money you got as winnings to upgrade your rifle and increase your ammunition.
  • Complete tasks to get extra bonuses and unlock power-ups to use like the meteorite.
  • Come back to the game on our website to see what daily rewards it has for you.

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