Fuel Rage

Fuel Rage

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Fuel Rage
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Fuel Rage Overview


Fuel Rage is going to be a really cool new racecar driving game online with skill elements, where your focus and reaction time are going to be the key to you using your rage on the highway, something you should never do in real life, but in games like this, go nuts and see how much fun you can have!

Use your Fuel Rage to drive!

You can press A and D to change lanes and move about on the road, or you can simply tap on the screen in the direction you want to go, having to avoid the other cars in traffic, even police cars, ambulances, trucks, but also various obstacles that you will find along the way.

Try collecting as many coins as you can from the road, so that you can buy new cars from the garage, make upgrades, and see if you can go on the speed boosts for more speed, health packs will also be found, and other cool upgrades we recommend you grab and use to your advantage!

How to play?

Use A, D or the mouse.

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