Candy Land

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What is Candy Land?

Candy Land

Candy Land represents one of the best new puzzle and logic games online our team is delighted to share it with everyone on our website right now after we've had tons of fun with it ourselves, so we can now explain to you what and how to do it, so you can start having the same awesome experience as we've had!

Let's solve the puzzles of Candy Land!

The goal is to make sure that all the little creatures are surrounded by an environment made out of candy, which is their safe zone, and to do that you have to remove blocks of jelly to let the candy drip into new parts of the map, as well as move it around so that it reaches their zone.

There can also be dangerous liquids, which you must avoid colliding with the candy or with the furry little creatures, or you lose. Each new level gets more complicated than the one before it, but they also get more fun in the fact that new mechanics are introduced after each new stage, to keep things fresh and interesting.

Let's begin right now, only here, and hopefully, you stick around to play even more of the amazing daily games we've still got prepared for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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