Catch the Candy

Catch the Candy

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Catch the Candy
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Catch the Candy Overview


Catch the Candy is a puzzle and skill game with friv elements that are somewhat older, but that should not stop you from trying it right now, because it is one of those classics that need to be played by everyone, and in case this is your first time hearing about it, even better, because you will immediately see why the game is as special as it is!

Solve the puzzles to Catch the Candy!

You will have a fuzzy purple creature that you control with the mouse, holding it to extend a line towards where you want to go, and you need to aim for the candy hanging in various places through the levels, which is when you will have completed a level.

Some items can be pushed, others can be pulled, using the same technique, and you usually need to use them in order to fill up holes in the ground, allowing you to move further without losing.

In each level you are being timed from the start until you have caught the candy, so try moving as fast as possible to get three out of three stars, or you can get 2, or just one, depending on the timer.

We wish you the very best, as always, and hope that this is far from the final new game of the day you try here today, all free of charge, of course!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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