Catch the Pika

Catch the Pika

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Catch the Pika
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Catch the Pika Overview


Catch the Pika is about to be one of the most unique Pokemon Games online you play on our website because while the aim of it is to catch pocket monsters, mainly Pikachu, the most iconic one in the whole series, you do it through solving puzzles with your logical skills, no less than seventeen of them, each one more difficult but more fun at the same time. Worry not, we will explain the game's format for you right now and here!

Can you Catch the Pika?

There will be multiple platforms arranged in various ways between the Pokeball and Pikachu, with the ball being held in a box. When you click on it the box gets removed and the ball starts rolling, you should click on other wooden boxes as well to eliminate them to clear the path.

If the ball falls somewhere else and does not catch the electrical rat, you lose, and you can also lose if it bumps into traps, such as the beams of electricity. Before the ball reaches Pikachu, try making it go through the three stars and collect all of them to get the best performance out of each stage.

Good luck, we wish you all the best and hope to see you around for more fun to come, you know you always have it here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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