Drag Race 3D

Drag Race 3D

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Drag Race 3D
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Drag Race 3D Overview


Drag Race 3D is one of the top games in this genre of drag racing games online with cars, which we only recommend doing here, on the computer, since this kind of street racing can be dangerous in real life, and you surely have no license, so leave this to the pros! Until then, feel the need for speed with this awesome game!

Can you win the Drag Race 3D online?

In the drag races you race straight against one or more cars, having to cross the finish first to win, but be careful, because if you're not shifting gears correctly, you get overtaken, as drag racing is all about shifting gears and getting more speed boosts than the other cars.

Press CTRL to set the engine off, and then hit the up key when the meter is in the green part, so that you get perfect shifts, but don't shift too early or too late, you will lose gas. Use the down arrow key if you need to slow down.

As you win the races, you earn the prize money, and you can use it in the garage to buy upgrades for your car, making it faster, but also even buy new models, to make your racing cars cooler.

The more races you take part in, the harder they get, but the same goes for the level up in fun you will have. We wish you the best, and hope to see you check out more of today's awesome content!

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