Drag Racing Rivals

Drag Racing Rivals

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Drag Racing Rivals
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Drag Racing Rivals Overview


Defeat all your Drag Racing Rivals with one of the best new car racing games with drifting online to have been added to our website, which we highly recommend because we've had tons of fun with it from start to finish, so there is no doubt at all that the same will be true for you right now as well!

Out-drive all your online Drag Racing Rivals!

You will start off with a test race in the easy level, so that you get a handle on how to control your cars, speeding and drifting, using these techniques to win the races.

As your car accelerates, when the speed meter reaches the orange or yellow portions, that is when you need to press the right arrow key to shift gears, but don't shift too early, before those lines, or too late, in the red zone, or you will get overtaken.

You are drag racing in a straight line, so shift correctly to get ahead of the other car, win the race, and get some easy money. With levels of higher difficulties, the difficulty of the races increases, but so does the fun and the money rewards.

Use the money you earn to buy new vehicles so that you get better and climb higher in the rankings of drag racers all through the city. Let's start now, shall we?

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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