Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin Olympics 2

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Dolphin Olympics 2
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Dolphin Olympics 2 Overview


The Dolphin Olympics 2 is happening right now, only on our website, where we're now giving you the chance to play one of the best swimming games online, a racing game where you swim not with humans, but with natural swimmers like dolphins, some of the most beloved mammals in the sea, and if you've not played the first game, let us tell you more about what to do right now and here!

Can you win the Dolphin Olympics 2?

Turn right and left with the corresponding arrow keys, use the up arrow to accelerate, and the down arrow to roll. While airborne, flip the dolphin using right and left, and if you land nose first, you get bonus points. In the two minutes granted for your swim, try getting as many points as possible.

If you want speed and points bonuses, lead fish out of water, and swim through the rings. To do a tailslide you will hold down while approaching the water, and to jump out of it while doing it, press the up arrow. If you focus and give your best, you can even to a tailslide in space, which will give you the most amount of extra points.

Good luck and the very best we wish to you, as you deserve to have it, and we hope to see you play more games with animals as only we can bring you here!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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Alan Rawkins

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