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Save Goku

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Save Goku
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Save Goku Overview


Save Goku is one of the first hangman games online in the Dragon Ball Z Games category! It's not a combo you see often, but it's the one you need to play to save the main character of this anime. If you're good with words, his life will be spared!

Let's Save Goku with a Hangman game online!

You are given a word to find. The number of empty brackets is how many letters it has, and you need to place them there correctly. The letters of the alphabet are given to you on the right. Click on letters. If they're inside the world, they appear there, in all the spots. If not, one body part of Goku appears in the hangman position. For every mistake, a new body part appears.

If you make too many and the hangman drawing of Goku is finished, you lose. Instead, don't let that happen, but find the words first. The more levels you complete, the more you evolve as a Super Sayan until you become the strongest! Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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