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What is TU-46?


We hope you like playing the best airplane games on the internet, as TU-46 is definitely a game that would fit that description, which makes a lot of sense that it is on our website, as no matter the category or genre we add your content in, we make sure it is always the best, the cream of the crop, and if you like airplane simulator games online free, this one is perfect for you!

Let's fly the TU-46 online and win the war!

The plane you are going to fly in this new simulator is going to be from the 1970s, a brand new Tupolev made for passenger and commercial flights. Start off by creating an image for your airline, so that you stand apart from your competitors.

Your passengers can be delivered across six countries, and you need to make sure that you always upgrade your plane between rides, providing safety and stability.

The controls you will use for the simulations are quite a lot, so read up on them right now:

  • The ARROW keys control the speed and rotation
  • SPACEBAR to turn around
  • I - start engine
  • G - toggle gear
  • F - flaps
  • E - extinguisher
  • Z - for long flights, it multiplies the speed by sixteen times
  • M - mute all sounds
  • P - Pause the game

Try flying at a high altitude in order to have enough time to restart the engine in case it fails. Now that the debrief has been made, your pilot life should start right away, and, who knows, maybe one day, in real life, you are going to have this job!

How to play?

Use the arrows and E, F, G, I, P, Z, M, SPACE BAR


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