Puzzle Freak

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What is Puzzle Freak?

Puzzle Freak

It is not just any day that you get to find and play puzzle games in 4 players on the internet, so sharing with you a game such as Puzzle Freak is one of our biggest achievements, period! It is a game that finds inspiration in board games such as Monopoly, which is fun precisely because it can be played by multiple people at once, only in this one, instead of real-estate, puzzles are the main drive of the game.

The board is made up of squares, and they come in two types: puzzles squares and chance squares. If you land on a puzzle, you have to solve one of the fourteen puzzle types, depending on what you get, and you advance if they are solved, while chance squares can be either hopeful or damaging to your progress, and they are really all about what kind of luck you have.

Solving a puzzle correctly grants you a new turn right after that, up to three turns one after the other, which can mean great progress over the other players. There are time limits on solving the puzzles, depending on their difficulty, and the faster you are in solving a puzzle, the more IQ points you are going to get in return.

If you reach the finish line and have the biggest amount of IQ points, you are the winner! Up to four players can take part in the board game, and you choose how many players are human if there are any bots, and after picking your avatars, level of intelligence, and name, start giving it your best, and prove you are the best puzzle-solver out there!

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