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What are Holly Hobbie Games?

Holly Hobbie is many things, starting with the real person with the same name, an artist that has spawned a beloved media franchise for girls bearing her name, which has everything you want it to have, from children’s books, television series, and, if you are on our website, Holly Hobbie Games online, of course, since interacting directly with this character and her incredible world is more fun than just watching it or reading about it, don’t you think? Since you’re here, you probably agree, even more so if you are already fans of Holly’s world.

Holly’s character, just like her real-life inspiration, is a girl who is creative, wants to learn new things, and is always seeking adventure, something you can see attributed to many games on this page as well. You can find arts and crafts games online where you do things like making your own snow globe from scratch, or use your imagination to build a dollhouse. If you want adventure, go and search for treasure in an attic, or go outside and have a water balloon fight with her friends.

If you love cooking, Holly invites you to bake some muffins or join her friends for a day outside where they have a picnic, for which they need your help to pack everything they need. She and her friends also want to explore their business-senses, which is why they set up a lemonade stand for the summer where you help them make and sell this refreshing beverage, and if you want to improve your skills, play a game of sandbag tossing with her and the girls.

This is what this category of games with Holly Hobbie has to offer you in terms of content at this moment in time, with us being positive that just like the franchise grew over the years, so will the number of games made for it, so whether you are new or old fans of this world, make sure that you come back to this page as often as possible to catch her new games. Now, if you’re new to Holly and her world, why don’t we make you acquainted right now, so you can enjoy the games even more?

Holly Hobbie is a writer, watercolorist, and illustrator born in 1944 in Connecticut, whose first popular series of children’s books was called Toot and Puddle, and then she had the Holly Hobbie series as well, bearing her name, which got even more popular, as you can clearly see. The character originated in 1960, as a red-haired little girl wearing a raggedy dress and a giant bonnet. The character then got a wide audience after having been released as a popular rag-doll for many years.

The doll line was eventually picked up by Mattel, who is one of the world’s biggest toy companies in the world, and they have kept the interest in Holly and her world quite a lot, bringing new versions of the character both in the world of animation, with specials such as Holly Hobbie and Friends: Surprise Party, or the live-action television series which started airing in 2018 and is still going strong, having been aired in many countries all over the world.

The show depicts Holly Hobbie as a 13-year-old girl living in a small town called Collinsville, where she lived her all life, who, despite her age, is quite the awesome singer-songwriter, who has the support of her close friends and her family with whom she is very close with. Despite living in a small town, Holly has big dreams of saving the whole world through the power of music, never giving up, and love!
Despite the show’s setting is a modern one, you can see that Holly likes dressing up in vintage clothing, complete with a sturdy pair of combat boots, and a guitar always by her side. To save the world she first has to save her small town, where she is always ready to help people out, herself included, and never gives up on her dreams and goals, even if it seems hard to accomplish them. She is a true inspiration for everyone around her, that’s for sure!

Amy Abbasi is the name of Holly’s best friend, who knows she is the smartest person in the room, but she won’t tell you that, since you will definitely figure it out really soon. She loves all the things a normal teenage girl does, like parties, clothes, or music, but she has a dream not many other girls have, which is to use her smarts and her dedication to one day become an astronaut and go to the stars.
Even a small town has big stars, which you could say about Piper Parish, who takes great care in her appearance and how she presents herself in the world, which she helps others with as well, and she puts on a brave face, even though most people don’t know that her family is struggling to make ends meet.

Holly does not only have great friends but a supportive family as well. Her brother Robbie might be athletic, but he is not a dumb jock, even though he does not stress school too much, as he would rather be more laid-back and have fun. Heather is the young sister who loves baseball, loves to sew and sow, and believes that with hard work and focus she can accomplish anything.
Katherine is Holly’s hard-working mom who balances her job as Pickle Factory’s lawyer with supporting her kids in anything they want to do, and she does not mind playing bad cop to Dad’s good cop. Speaking of Dad, Bob Hobbie is a farmer, just like his father was before him, who is also a talented musician that inspired his daughter's love for music and arts.

With such a large cast of wonderful characters, interesting stories filled with important lessons, we’re not at all surprised that Holly Hobbie has so many fans worldwide, fans whom we now invite to play our many unblocked Holly Hobbie Games for free, one better than the other, something we are sure they won’t regret doing even for a second!