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What are Mermaids of Mako Games?

Mermaids of Mako Games is based on one of the most popular television series for children and teens to have come out of Australia, Mako: Island of Secrets, which was released in 2013, and was actually a spin-off from the highly popular and critically acclaimed series H2O: Just Add Water, which previously released in 2009. They were both hit shows, which have created a large fanbase of mostly girls who dream about becoming magical creatures of water, which you can now do virtually by playing the mermaid games this category offers you, where you can take on the role of these girls, or become a whole new mermaid!

The original series focused on three girls, Rikki, Emma, and Cleo, who end up in a pool from Mako Island, and when the fool moon passes over them as they bathe there, which in turn transforms them into mermaids. This happens every time that the girls touch water, ten seconds after doing so, and they discover through the series that they also have magical powers to interact and influence water to do some out-of-this-world things!

They work at Sea World, and they have to now deal with having two lives, of girls and mermaids alike, and they need to do their best to maintain their secrets from friends and family, as they deal with teenage drama of boyfriends, school, and growing up! The spin-off series changes things up a bit, as it starts to follow Zac, a boy who ends up in the same pool on the island and turns into a merman, as he is being watched by the three guardian mermaids of the island: Lyla, Nixie, and Sirena!

He now has to protect this secret, as he teaches the three mermaids to live on land, as they were cast off from their pod by allowing this transformation to happen, and they have daily adventures of growth and fun!

H2O: Mermaid Adventures, is the animated spin-off show that is available on Netflix, which has taken the three main characters from the first show and turned them into cartoon mermaids, showing their adventures in a new light, with a whole lot of new side-stories for girls who watch them explore!

There's no need to just watch because if you play any of our H2O Games online, you get to become these characters, dress up the mermaids, solve puzzles, or work on your creativity with coloring.

Start your new mermaid life online, with some of the best Mako Mermaids Games online to have ever graced your screen, and invite all your friends to do the very same!

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