The Ghost and Molly McGee Games

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What are The Ghost and Molly McGee Games?

One of the best shows to have premiered in October on Disney all over the world, which is the best time for it, has ghosts, supernatural beings, happy-go-lucky girls, and tons of awesome adventures for you to watch, and now, you can also take part in those adventures directly, because our administrative team is very excited to be the first one to share with everyone The Ghost and Molly McGee Games online for free, proving once more why you should visit our website as often as possible!

Your ghostly adventures with Molly and friends await you!

Molly is going to be one of the most optimist tweens you have ever seen in the world of cartoons, as all that she loves and wants is for the world to become better, she always tries to find fixes to what is going wrong, and wherever she is, you can bet she is spreading joy to everyone and everything around her!

Her antithesis is Scratch, a ghost that wants everything to be worse, breaks things that are going right, and he can only spread misery to those who are around him. Well, the lives of these two, one human, one ghost, are about to change!

A curse from Scratch has backfired, resulting in this grumpy ghost being bound to Molly, so the two of them start going on all sorts of crazy adventures in both the human world, and the supernatural one, where they learn about their differences, how to live with one another, and other important lessons.

In their adventures, not only do Molly’s family and friends appear in various ways, but also different beings from the underworld make their appearance, as you are able to see both of the human and ghost world in this show, both the best and worst of them.

The town of Brighton and all the people around these two characters are about to have their lives changed, and kids watching the series will have the same experience, since not only can they be entertained by this show, but they can also learn valuable lessons!

Play Molly McGee Games online for kids, for free, only here!

The first game that you can play with these new lovely characters you’ve just met is a cool new one called Band Shell Boonanza, where together with this girl and her ghost friend you will try your best to throw the best talent show in the whole town, where you will have bands, singers, dancers, magicians, and various other performers, with you having to make sure it runs smoothly, and everything is a success!

You might not know, but even before the premiere of the first episode, the show has already been renewed by Disney, so a second one is to be expected, which also means that you can expect to find more games with The Ghost and Molly McGee on the internet, and our website will always be the first place where you can find them, that’s a fact!