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What are The Smurfs Games?

The Smurfs Games is a much-needed category for any website out there with online games based on other media, especially if we're talking about the best such website out there, ours, as we've put in a lot of work to make sure that this category is as well-developed as possible, making sure that the many fans of this series all across the globe get to have fun with their favorite blue characters!

The franchise originated as a Belgian comic that first appeared in 1958, so it has been around for DECADES, with the original French title being Les Schtroumpfs. It features more than 100 little humanoid characters, and their collective name is made-up, as it was invented by the creators.

Each Smurf is based around their main trait, with there being only one female, called Smurfette! So, in the franchise you get to meet characters named as such:

The stories involving them are usually about adventure, discovery, learning new things, especially how to work well together with other people and the power of friendship, and they happen around the Smurf Village, their hometown, or around it, where there are non-Smurf characters as well, some friendly, some foes!

Of course, not only there are awesome toys for these characters, but the franchise has also expanded into cinema, having two movies made with a mixture of live-action characters and a world with CGI characters, called The Smurfs (2011) and The Smurfs (2013). A full-on animated movie was also released in 2017, to a much better reception: Smurfs: The Lost Village.

Based directly on the comics, toys, movies, and television series there have also been many games with the Smurfs created, some full-on video games playable on consoles or the PC, but on our website, we are happy to offer you the best online ones that you can play on browsers!

Only here can you find and play the best Smurfs Games online for kids!

An educational element will be ever-present in all the additions to this page, as it is the case with the Ocean Cleanup game, where you learn the importance of keeping nature clean and healthy. In addition to cleaning, you can play sports, with football being one of their favorites, help them get on the bus to school, bake some delicious cake, or even ride skateboards through their village.

There are always new possibilities for fun in this category, so we hope you try all the content the page offers and then come back as often as possible, to always catch something new!