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What are True and the Rainbow Kingdom Games?

True and the Rainbow Kingdom is a series offered to all children and those in love with family series by Netflix by Home Plate Entertainment in which you will meet a cute little girl named True and her best friend, Bartleby the Cat. The first episode appeared on Netflix in 2017, but since then, several series have been broadcast because of the success of the cartoons.


The whole adventure of the cartoon is based on the two main characters, True and Bartleby, who try to solve all the problems that appear in the Rainbow Kingdom. The citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom are people of good faith who try to activate the magic of The Wishes of the Wishing Tree. Although it seems easy, it will not be a simple mission at all to help all your friends from the Rainbow Land to find the magic that will make them happier. Along with the kittens in the kingdom, you will have to find solutions to all the problems that arise, but what is most important is to listen to the advice of the bubble fairy, who will always give you the best solutions to the problems you have. The kingdom in which our characters live is colorful and full of houses and castles, but sometimes the villains appear, and you will have to take care of them with great care and attention so that you can manage to destroy them.

Which are the main characters from True and the Rainbow Kingdom

True: she is the main character of this story, and most of the time, this girl is also the superhero in the online games that you can play on True is an 8-year-old girl who is full of energy and always smiling, being taught to accept all the challenges she receives in the village where she lives. The main feature that makes it different from all the other citizens in the village is the fact that it is the only one that can activate the Wishes ’spWishes' wers that unleash magical energy. She has blue hair, a white T-shirt on the top of her body, and a red-pink skirt on the bottom. He is wearing a pair of yellow boots, and True's entTrue'stire is brightly colored.
Bartleby is True's besTrue'snd. She is a cat and is always around her mistress, and she tries to help her solve the problems that arise daily in the village where they live together. It has the ability to walk on two legs, just like humans, and its fur is dark purple to black. Bartleby is always joking and tries to maintain the atmosphere whenever he can, and her main mission is to comment on everything she thinks is wrong so as to draw her mastemasterers when she identifies a problem or a solution to an existing problem.
Rainbow King: This is a mystical creature, white in color, but with a few balls of different colors around its head, a yellow wand in its hand, and a red cape on its back. Its main feature is to follow the rules, and when it notices a person that it is not legal, Rainbow King tries to punish him.
Other characters: In the cartoons, you will meet Zee, Grizelda, Frookie, and The Wishes, as well as other characters who are meant to help True complete all the missions she has in this adventure.