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What are Backyardigans Games?

Backyardigans Games is a must-have category of educational games for children, toddlers, and preschoolers coming from the world of Nick Jr Games, the main channel on which this show aired and where it still does sometimes, as it had a total of four seasons spread through 80 episodes, and it started in 2004 with the final episode having aired in 2013. The fact that it was fun, educational, had awesome music, and was enjoyable for both kids and their parents is what struck a chord with audiences, and we're sure that the games based on it are not going to disappoint either, as how could they?

Meet your new friends with which you play Backyardigans Games online!

Five animal neighbors who share a large backyard between their houses have become best friends and spend their days meeting and having incredible adventures, as they visit the world, maybe even outer space, travel through time, use magic and supernatural powers, and they can be anything they need to be in their travels: detectives, knights, superheroes, or men of science.

The show is made to resemble the format of stage musicals, so whenever a big action piece happens, you can bet it will be accompanied by amazing tunes, with the characters sometimes describing what is happening in the story or in their minds through songs. The five friends are:

  • Tyrone, an orange moose who is the most laidback character of the bunch, always takes things easy.
  • On the other hand, Pablo, the blue penguin, can overreact to things at any time, and take even takes him to have panic attacks.
  • Uniqua is a creature with pink spots on it that wants to know more about the world around her, is confident in herself, and cracks jokes often, hence why she is the de-facto leader of the group.
  • Austin is the purple kangaroo you can always count on wanting to have fun, despite being quite shy and reserved in his day-to-day encounters.
  • Finally, we have Tasha, who is the yellow hippo that always wants to make things her own way, as she is quite rational and smart.

Whether you search for hidden stars, paint your favorite characters in the colors you like most, learn how to be better at typing, become pirates, or even go trick-or-treating, the adventures of these animal friends are highly entertaining from start to finish, and when you're done with them, you will feel smarter and better all at the same time!