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What are Chowder Games?

Games Chowder is a category full of surprises that will bring the latest games with our hero from Cartoon Network. Chowder is an ambitious young man, a little bit fat who dreams of becoming a great chef. It lives in the city with family marzipan chef who learned the craft from: Mung Daal. Characters or facilities are named after certain foods or tableware. These games will test Chowder skill, agility and spirit of adventure. In this category you enter Chowder games with the lives of young wonderful cook and you will accomplish more jobs. In this category you will encounter games, action, creativity and more. The goal of each game is to collect as many points as you can get among the best players. Give of your best to succeed this performance and give us a like if you enjoyed our games with the greedy Chowder.

What are the best Chowder Games in 2020?

  1. Snow Brawl Multiplayer 3
  2. Slippery Disc
  3. Snow Brawl 2
  4. The Great Chowder Escape
  5. Chowder Bookin Cooking
  6. Chowder Mold Rush
  7. Chowder Fast Slicing
  8. Chowder Christmas
  9. Chowder Gives Trees a Chance
  10. Chowder Coloring