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What are Chowder Games?

Over the years, there is no doubt at all that Cartoon Network is a channel and production company that has put out some of the most iconic television shows for kids and teens in history, many of us have grown up with them, and on our website, you get to find all the best games based upon them, even if they are older, just like it is the case right now with our amazing category of Chowder Games online!

If you love food and adventure, come have both with Chowder!

Chowder is the title and the main character of this series. He aspires to be one of the world’s best cooks, and he has gotten his start in the world of food by working at the catering company of the world-renowned Chef Mung Daal. Because he is always hungry and his head is in the clouds, Chowder always ends up in crazy situations out of his control, but he always faces them with a smile!

In his adventure and his quest to become a great chef, not only is he mentored by Mung Daal, but he is aided by characters such as Truffles Daal, his wife, who handles the business side of the restaurant, or Shnitzel, a rock monster who also works at the restaurant. Chowder even has a pet named Kimchi, just like the popular Korean dish.

Panini is another main character in the series, and this is because she is in love with Chowder, but him being a young boy with only food on his mind, he does not care about that and is entirely oblivious to this one-sided love. Still, Panini loves him so much that she calls him her boyfriend, even though nothing is happening between them.

Play Chowder Games for kids to become a chef yourself!

For its size, the Chowder Games series is quite diverse and filled with exciting things to do, such as running and jumping games where Chowder needs your help to escape Panini’s presence or a game where you learn more about nature by moving around the rotating globe and avoiding any traps and obstacles.

In some games, you have to fight against mold since it is not allowed in the kitchen's ingredients, it ruins the food, or you have to hone your chef skills by learning to slice ingredients fast and accurately.

Play Christmas Games with Chowder, color him and his other friends from the show to develop your artistic sense and creativity, or join his friends in some Cartoon Network Games where they all get together for a shared adventure!

Chowder is ready for adventure, and we hope you are too, so start playing any of our games with Chowder right away. You won’t be disappointed. Don’t hesitate to check out any of our other categories or new games of the day so that you can keep having fun on our website until you are too full of it, just like Chowder fills himself up with delicious food!