Elliott from Earth

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What are Elliott from Earth?

Elliott from Earth is a new cartoon presented by Cartoon Network in 2021 starting in March, in which you will meet a young man named Elliott who is isolated in a space shuttle called The Centrium. Elliott's adventures begin on the famous space shuttle, along with aliens who are everywhere, and in the middle of the action is the main character of the cartoon who is always trying to find a way to return home.

Which are the main personages from this movie?

Elliott: is a normal boy who comes from Earth, representing the main character of these online games, and his main mission is to be transported on the ship The Centrium, where he manages to meet a lot of aliens from all over the universe.
Mo: is a green dinosaur cub that is part of the special stegosaurus that has a lot of orange dots on its back, with four toes on each hand and two ordinary legs.
Frankie: is a successful geologist, very well-trained professionals, and in these cartoons, he plays the role of Elliott's mother. Its main mission is to discover all the forms that lived on planet Earth.

What does Elliott look like?

The main character of these games looks just like any other boy his age, with reddish, orange hair, pink-red skin, and as clothing at the top he always wears a turquoise sweater, and at the bottom his pants are blue and he is wearing a pair of yellow sneakers.

What kind of games we can play?

In general, the games you can play with Elliott and his alien friends are inspired by the cartoons, respectively you will have to help the protagonist of these cartoons to overcome the various challenges he has on the space shuttle. At the same time, the robots that are on the shuttle will help you understand life in space even better, but you will have to help them with all the challenges they have in the shuttle. Each level you manage to complete with a maximum score will help Elliott Kid to advance in the new challenge on board the shuttle.