Space Cook

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What is Space Cook?

Space Cook

When in space, you can't really go to restaurants to eat, even though Elliott's starship has a cantina, but today he and his mom want to cook some meals themselves, and since Elliott is too young to know how to cook, he is given the task of getting all the ingredients, and that is what you are here to help him with in this fun new game called Space Cook!

Help Elliott gather the ingredients for the perfect space meal!

With the mouse you will control Elliott to the right and to the left, moving so that you catch food ingredients coming from the top of the screen, which can be easily distinguished from the space junk, junk that you need to avoid at any cost because if you catch it too many times, you lose the game by losing too many points.

That is the simple premise of this game, which we hope to see you play right now, after which we invite you with lots of excitement to check out more games from this category, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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