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Babysitter Barbie

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Babysitter Barbie
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Babysitter Barbie Overview


Babysitter Barbie is the best one to have, as you and the girl will find out in this Potty Race game online. Her little sister needs potty training, which means going pee-pee or poo-poo, all before she gets into an accident. She's too old to soil herself, and with you and Barbie, she will get the hang of it pretty quickly, surely!

Help Babysitter Barbie potty-train her sister!

Barbie has quite a big house, and there are three bathrooms to reach, one on each of the three floors. Start off with the 1st and finish with the 3rd floor. As you go higher, so does the difficulty of the courses.

The little girl knows her way, but she is blocked by things in her path. See a gate? Click on it to make it open! Toys like rubber ducks, horsies, cubes, or teddy bears have been randomly left on the floor. She can trip on them, so click on them too to move them out of the way!

Make the perfect potty run!

Think about clean-up before you need to do it. This means collecting paper toilet rolls on the way, so she has them ready and on-hand. Also, if you get enough of them, she earns a perfect sticker as a reward!

One of the biggest distractions for the toddler is her dog, her furry friend. Move him out of the way, so she does not start playing with him, instead of reaching the toilet!

How to play?

Use the mouse to interact with the maze.

Tips & Tricks

  • Before the start of each level, watch Barbie showing you the main points of interest to keep in mind when navigating the maze.
  • Try to finish each maze in a fast time, since you're being timed by the game.
  • Close doors to prevent baby sister from going the wrong way!

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