Star Surfer Barbie

Star Surfer Barbie

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Star Surfer Barbie
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Star Surfer Barbie Overview


Star Surfer Barbie wants to teach you how to surf, online, which you can right now if you play this game! It's not always you get to do this, and it's way safer to surf virtually with this doll than IRL. It's also easier, and we know from experience, which is how we can teach you to do it right now too!

Ride the waves with Star Surfer Barbie!

Guess what? Four surfboards are in front of you to begin, they're all free, so pick the one you want to ride the waves with! Riding the waves is done using the four arrow keys, and when you're high enough and stable on the board, press space to make tricks.

Tricks give you points, as they should, but you can get extra ones when you collect the starfish. Starfish are good, but some sea animals are not, as they're traps to avoid:

  • watch for the seagulls flying above you
  • avoid the sea lions swimming underneath you

Your time on the waves is limited. Before the timer runs out, try to perform as many tricks as possible to earn that big high score. Those obstacles mentioned earlier? They make you lose points, so once again, beware!

Surfing has been made fun and easy for al girls, with Barbie, so hop on those waves NOW!

How to play?

Use the arrows to surf, space to make tricks.

Tips & Tricks

  • Wipeouts lead to losing chances, and you've only got three.
  • While in-air, doing stunts, land safely, or you lose that trick.

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